“Excellent job cleaning our carpets! No one else we have used has come close to Howard’s service. Howard’s pricing was very competitive and the results exceeded our expectations. Two things come to mind that really impressed us – 1) Howard’s call to my wife during the cleaning about a stain and his efforts to remove it, and 2) His follow-up call that evening inquiring about our satisfaction with his work – Customer Service at its best”! ~Nick Murphy~

“Howard was very friendly, yet very professional. He explained his processes well. I learned a lot about the importance of having a clean carpet for health purposes more than just for looks. He gave an honest estimate with no ‘hidden costs’. Other companies I’ve used gave very low estimates then slapped-on lots of extra costs by the end of the job”. ~Teri Hoffer~

“I liked Howard’s service more than any other company I have used in the Tri-Cities. Several things stood out: 1) He was on time for our appointment; 2) He pre-vacuumed prior to steam cleaning; 3) He did not underestimate the time it would take to perform the job. I valued his professional manner and the fact that he gave accurate drying time (Most services schedule too closely, and say ‘four hours to dry’, what a joke)! His pricing was extremely good for his service”. ~Kay Scheidegger~

“Howard was very thorough – great care was taken to carefully remove spots and stains that had been in our carpet for years, including pet stains and odors. The carpet is eleven years old, but looks new again. My husband’s allergies have been better and he doesn’t struggle with them as much since our carpet was cleaned”. ~Janna Rew~